Listening to Stephen

(Since Lent, I’ve (Chadwick) been writing easy poetry each day in response to one of the daily lectionary passages. Today seemed a good one to share.)

Acts 7:35-43

In his defense, Stephen reminded
Of what God’s people would do
That in their history, they disregarded
The words of Moses, and God too

It wasn’t condemning, but honest confession
Inviting them to hear what he said
He wasn’t speaking for fear of his life
Knowing they were the ones who were dead

I wonder if any, heard his oration
And had heart softened by God?
If any who stood, with stone in hand
Found in his words a feeling so odd

When you’re used to striving to be in the right
To hold power, and keep your position
It can be incredibly difficult, miraculous even
To make not your ears, but heart listen

To hear that the ground you stand proudly on
Is shaky, and at best unstable
That painful reflection, repentance and prayer
Require the Spirit’s power to enable

And so we find the evidence of God
(The God Jesus’ Love reveals.)
Is not in the one who holds and protects power
But the one who humbly kneels

Kneels to repent, pray, & kneels to inspect
And kneels to wash the feet of others
Looking into the eyes of those finally seen
The eyes of Christ, he discovers

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