Guided Listening

When we gather for worship, we often collectively watch words scroll on a screen (or open hymnals) to unite the words & worship we’re offering to God. Recently I flipped it around, to offer words to the congregation from God (rewriting a familiar passage, as if from God in first-person voice). It was a blessing for me to read/hear, even after I’d written it. I pray it can be for you also:

Listen to His voice for a moment in this time and space…and allow yourself to hear God speaking to you…

“If you can speak in many different languages, on all kinds of topics, but don’t know about my love – you’re just making noise.

Even if you could tell the future, and predict what’s going to happen, explaining all the mysteries, and stepped out on faith to change everything – but couldn’t understand what my love wanted to accomplish – it is all nothing.

If you gave away everything you owned to the poor and served infected people without caring what happened to your own body – but didn’t pause to let me love you – you gain nothing.

My love patiently waits for you to be aware. My love for you is pleasant and kind.

My love is not complaining when you ignore me. I’m not going to brag about how much you need me or say, “I told you so.” when you finally realize it.

I will never tear you down on purpose or harden my heart to you just because of how you’ve treated me. It would take a lot of effort for you to make me angry with you, and I’m not keeping a list of what you’re doing wrong anyways.

That’s because I would never be glad to catch you doing something wrong…but I would be glad to discover the mistake, so that you could return to my love again.

I will always protect you, always offer you my trust, always have hope for what we can do together, and always invite you to join me again.

You’ll never be disappointed if you look for my Love. If you’re looking for prophecies, they won’t always meet your expectations. If you’re always desiring “secret prayer languages” or “spiritual experiences”, you may find people unable to speak what you want to hear. Even if you’re looking for me by growing in your knowledge, you’ll find I’ve passed out of reach.

For your ways of knowing, and even your ways of prophesying are limited to only a part of what my love desires for you. When you allow my love to arrive where it belongs – to complete you – everything that seemed to be limited fades away.

It’s like when you were a child. Childish ways and childish things made complete sense to you. When you grew up – you easily put away the things that you realized were childish.

In a similar way – your vision is limited right now. You’re naturally so focused on yourself, and you have a hard time even knowing the person you see in the mirror. But when my Love arrives – you’ll stop trying so hard to see yourself, and realize I’ve helped you to see one another more clearly than ever. Not only to see each other, but to know each other – just like my Love knows you now.

So have hope and live from faith – but understand more importantly than anything – you are Loved…and this Love I have for you, changes everything.”

One thought on “Guided Listening

  1. Thank you, Wick. These words were very comforting and reassuring to read. God’s love for us goes beyond our comprehension.

    God bless you and those that read these words! Abby


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