A “Sprinkling” Poem

A Sprinkling Poem, for Easter Monday:

A sprinkling poem in a English
Because Magyarul I’m still learning
And to be quite honest,
This man is still discerning:

Should I wish fertility
Upon a quarantined “csalad”?
Or should I wish them “jó kertészkedés”
And give some garden sod?

As for our own family
We have enough “gyermekek”
And I don’t want to be stuck inside with
Kids with over-perfumed necks yet

This year, I can’t drive round
To all the females that we know
The “polgármester” has limited
Where the “víz” we can throw.

We can throw it at the “rendőrség”
But they might get upset
We could even sprinkle “orvosok”
But they probably shouldn’t get wet

So this years’ sprinkling poetry
(Although I’m not the boss.)
When we cannot visit each other
We’ll rely on “olvasás”.

So consider yourself sprinkled
Because these words, you’ve read
“Áldások” of good gardening
Be bestowed upon your head.

(And if you’ve no idea
Because Hungary is not your home –
Just smile and keep on scrolling,
And whisper “Nem tudom”.)

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