szögezték – “nailed it”

There is a piece of history here in Gyor, called the “Iron Stump”.  It’s a tree trunk with nails hammered into it.  It’s located in the historic “Szechenyi Square” on the corner of a house.  According to legend, craft apprentices and tradesmen would hammer nails into the trunk long ago, to commemorate time spent here and/or announce their arrival.    A spice merchant even had it set as the signboard of his business in 1833.img_2492

The connections are obvious – a nail piercing wood in announcement of a tradesman who is here to offer His services to the community.  When Jesus ministered among us, He was announcing the Good News of the Kingdom of God – which included the hope of freedom from the Empires of this world, and freedom from their ways. His work and His message have continued to set captives free and empower new ways of living in a world filled with conflict.

Whether you live in Gyor, or Illinois, or Brazil – there is a long history and even current reality – of the forces of an empire.  Empires built on greed, brute force, self-serving leadership, momentary pleasures, escapism, anxiety, anger, etc.  Into all of these things, a carpenter has entered the scene.  He has allowed a nail to be driven into wood – revealing a Love that offers to transform your life completely.  Not by supernaturally giving you a comfortable life with lots of money and all the material comforts you’ve ever wanted.  But by showing you – even when the nails were piercing his skin – the power of Love and Forgiveness were not overcome.  By the resurrection of his nail-pierced hands – we have hope that everything can receive New Creation Life – and such life is a gracious gift available to us even now as we follow Him.

Jesus arrived here long ago and has been working here ever since.  But we do believe God is doing something new here in Gyor – and in your community even now.  Why?   Because that is His nature.  It’s like saying I know that water is wet.  God wants to give you a New Life and announce New Creation through you.

Draw near to Jesus – he has already come near to you…

2 thoughts on “szögezték – “nailed it”

  1. Thanks Wick for this example in history and how you relate it to Jesus. Prayers are with you. Give Sarah and girls a hug.


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