But dad, it’s easier when it’s a story…

We knew one of the biggest changes in moving overseas to serve the Church together, would be the change to home routines and schedules.  Dad is home a lot more (no “office”, so home becomes office), mom leaves to serve on her own at times, and we often have meetings or people over in our home.  We’re still careful to protect “family time”, and give our kids’ their space – but no matter what we do it is still quite different from the patterns they previously knew.

One of the changes we’re still navigating is discovering what works best for both family, and individual time in God’s Word.  We began this past month by using a New Testament passage from the lectionary readings each day.  We’ve done Bible story times and studies in the past, but this was inviting the girls to read a short passage each day and spend time learning to reflect and pray on those verses.  While still in the US, we’d found a great resource for teaching kids to spend such moments, and our girls have been embracing the different ways it can happen.img_2408

They confessed in our evening prayer times, “But, it’s easier when it’s just a story.”  Nevertheless, the conversations we had from Romans were fantastic.  We didn’t talk much about circumcision, but instead focused on the law and how one of its’ purposes was to reveal to us how much we needed the grace of God.  The girls agreed that it’s really good we’re not counted “in” because of what we’ve done, but because of faith that God has done/is doing what God has revealed in Jesus.

Still – they’re right.   It’s so much easier and captivating when it’s a story.  I suppose that’s why God came as Jesus to reveal what was/is happening.  I suppose that’s also why we’re invited to have our stories shaped by the Love and Grace of Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit.  Our world needs to understand/see the Love of God, and it’s much easier to understand when it’s being lived out in our stories.

How will our stories reveal God this week?

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