A Trianon Faith?

We’ve only lived here for 2 weeks, and yet we continue to soak in so much about the Hungarian language, culture, and history.  One of the things we learned before coming on our first trip in 2018, was that conflict has impacted this area for hundreds and thousands of years.

One of the most recent moments that has negatively impacted the people of Hungary, was the Treaty of Trianon – 99 years ago today on June 4th, 1920.  I’ve read several accounts of those moments, as the dust settled on World War I…and I have yet to fully understand how Hungary ended up getting such a raw deal.  Oversimplified – you can see in this graphic how the Kingdom of Hungary was divided – leaving Hungary with trianononly about 28% of its original area.  Imagine being a native-born Hungarian one day, with land passed down in your family for generations, and then being told this land was now Romania or Czechoslovakia.

Living through a moment like that would cause scars.  This past week, we met store-owners just down the street.  They sell many products from the Transylvania region and were quick to explain that this area was Hungarian – even though officially outside the borders.  He showed me a picture similar to the one I’ve shared here, hanging on the wall of his shop.  He was glad to know I’d heard of Trianon, and you could sense that even though it happened before he was born – he still felt the pain passed down.

In a sense, God feels that same pain often as well.  Imagine a creation completely His own, made beautifully and imaginatively filled with life.  Imagine that creation suffered a huge conflict, and so he sacrificed His son to bring redemption and healing.  He established himself fully as Lord over all things.  Yet when many of us come back to “the table”, we might only offer him about 28% of what belongs to Him.    We try to come to Jesus, holding on to our allegiances to ______, and _______, and ______.

But scripture invites us to understand this is not serving Jesus as Lord.  Matthew 6:24 reminds us, “No one can serve two masters…”  Deuteronomy 6:5 sets a high standard – “You shall love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and with ALL your soul and with ALL your might.”  Loving God with all of our heart is a theme that continues to echo throughout all of scripture.

Imagine God, with a picture of our hearts similar to the one posted above.  He remembers a time when humanity was fully in relationship with Him.  Before we began to offer our allegiances/hearts to empires, substances, and other empty pursuits.  He looks forward to a day when this will be the reality once again.

There is great hope.  Such a day IS coming…and has already begun.  He offers you and I the Holy Spirit – to help us examine our lives for areas we’ve not brought under His Lordship, and be transformed by the power of His Love.  Not so that we can proudly state “Look, God, I’ve accomplished becoming fully yours!”  But so that the Love we’ve been created to bear the image of can be fully revealed to those around us – as we humbly serve one Lord…together.



2 thoughts on “A Trianon Faith?

  1. Thanks for updating us on hungry’s history
    Also you have given us more of your understanding of God’s will for our lives . God bless you and your family.


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