Kingdom Discoveries…

Confession: These moments of hugging friends and family as we prepare to leave the country are incredibly beautiful and hard.

We’re so thankful for how hard some of these moments are.  All of this is evidence of lives that have shared love, community, prayers, celebrations, hard times, and simply walking through life together. img_1428

There is a parable about the Kingdom of Heaven (not as one physical “location”, but as “where God is fully Lord”) found in Matthew 13:44-46.  The man finds a treasure in a field – buries it where he found it – then goes and sells everything he had in order to purchase the field that holds such a treasure.  Jesus is pointing out that when you discover what a treasure it is to be a citizen of New Creation – it’s worth more than all the things you previously found valuable.  It’s worth going out and selling everything you own, in order to more fully take possession of (or “be possessed by”) the reign and rule of God’s Love, peace, Hope, and presence in your life.

These moments are testimonies of the treasure.  These are moments that testify to relationships and experiences of redemption that could never be purchased by a credit card.  Moments that could never be discovered by spending money on expensive vacations.   Blessings that could never be provided by acquiring all the “things” this world has to offer.  As a family that has sold a lot of what we own in order to follow God’s call on our lives – we still feel amazingly rich in these moments.

Know this: You are a treasure.  Many of you are part of the rich testimony we’re thankful for in these moments.  But some of you need to be reminded – you’re incredibly valuable to the Kingdom and the ways God wants to reveal His Love for the lives of others.  Are you offering yourself to be a part of that this week?  How might you join the Kingdom efforts to reveal the Love of God for others?  How might you already be part of God’s treasure to someone’s life, and not even be aware of it?

May God’s Love be revealed through your life this week – in such ways that others might discover it as the treasure it is…

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