Preparing for New

A while back, the local newspaper helped us share a little of our story.  We were humbled, and glad to have more people join our prayer team.  As it turned out, there was a local family from Hungary who saw the article and invited us to connect.  The mother was born in Győr, and the father was born in Eastern Hungary.  Their son was born in the US, but had grown up in a blend of Hungarian/American cultures.  This past weekend, we finally got together and it was a blessing to spend time with all of them.

They invited us into their home, shared some homemade “kolbas” (Hungarian Sausage), and many stories about their escape from Hungary to this area around 1956.  It was humbling to be reminded of what so many people went through in the Hungarian revolution, as their stories seemed straight out of “Bridge at Andau“.  Their stories of learning American culture/language, made us incredibly thankful for the internet and translation programs that will help us as we become familiar with Hungarian culture/language.  We stayed much longer than we’d planned, as the atmosphere was warm/welcoming, and it was a moment we looked forward to the culture we will soon be surrounded by.

There was a simple sign hanging on the wall, with a blessing in Hungarian.  “Where img_1200there is faith, there is love.  Where there is love, there is peace.  Where there is peace, there is blessing.  Where there is blessing, there is God.  Where there is God, there is nothing lacking.”  What a great reminder.

As we journey through Holy Week toward the celebration of Resurrection Sunday, we pay attention to the love of God revealed in Jesus’ final moments.  We watch Jesus proclaiming God’s Love in word and action.  We see him wash the feet of his disciples, including his betrayer.  We see him willingly lay down his life, and forgive the people and soldiers even in their moments of offense.  We see these things, not as disinterested observers, but because spending time learning about such love prepares us and stirs our hearts toward the culture/ethos of the Kingdom we hope to one day exist within completely.  The language of love we see Jesus speaking, is the language of His people.  It is one we do not come by naturally, but as we are made new creations – we discover we have been created for such a Kingdom.

Such a Kingdom – is the reality we proclaim even now, as we await its’ full revealing.  May we seek to love sacrificially this week – knowing that by doing so we are preparing those around us for the Kingdom that is coming.

4 thoughts on “Preparing for New

  1. What a blessing. So glad you got to connect. It reminds us of so much we have to be thankful for this Easter season and always. Thanks for sharing. We are praying for your family. We love you❤️


  2. It is truly wonderful when God’s love is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for your message of encouragement.


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