Pause. Pray.

It was one year ago today, we sat in the low evening light of the Basilica of Győr. We img_5148moved slowly, alone in the large empty sanctuary filled with the soft prayerful chants of those worshiping in the stone room off to the side. We lit a candle for this city and these people. At that moment, we still weren’t sure what God was stirring for our lives specifically, but we knew He had an amazing and overwhelming Love for this historic community. His desire was, and is, for New Creation to arrive in Jesus’ name. “On earth, as it is in Heaven.”

So much has happened in one year. God has continued to stir our hearts for what He might allow us to be involved in there but has not waited for us to arrive. Lives are continuing to be transformed even now, and relationships are being strengthened, even as challenges are met as well. The love of God is being discovered and revealed, and people are being set free. We are very excited to join them.

It seems a great point for us to invite our friends and family and those who have simply stumbled across our site, to “light a candle” for Győr & Hungary in your hearts this week img_0545also. Yes, there are tangible needs, and we still invite people to partner financially whether a one-time donation or ongoing. But this is a great reminder that the needs in every area of our world go much deeper than fundraising for specific people or work.

Take a moment today to pray. Not for our family this time, or for the season we’re in. Pray for the Kingdom work happening and being prepared for in Győr & Hungary. What God is already doing there is so much larger than our family, or even the specific organizations we get to work with/through. Pray that this community would experience a fresh wind of the Holy Spirit. That hearts would continue to soften to the presence and grace of God. That freedom – True Freedom – would be experienced in every way that Jesus could imagine.

The city of Győr was originally established around 450 BC by the Celts and has continued to be a valuable/active location. This “City of Rivers” surrounds the meeting points of 4 major rivers (Danube, Rába, Rábca, Marcal) and today has one of Europe’s largest car engine manufacturing plants. Being right in the middle of a triangle formed by national capitals


of Vienna (Austria), Bratislava (Slovakia), and Budapest (Hungary) makes Győr an ideal location for the Kingdom of God to transform lives in ways that will spread across Europe and beyond.

Right now there are individual lives of all ages/cultures bound by brokenness. There are marriages and families that have never heard the Hope and Love God has for them. There are people and places the Holy Spirit has already gone to begin a work in – and we’re calling you to take a moment, this moment – visualize this place and these people, and hold them in God’s presence.

Thank you for joining with us. Thank you for praying.

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