The “We” of Faith

One thing we’ve experienced over and over again – not only in this journey of becoming full-time overseas missionaries but in desiring to live missionally – is that we are not flying solo.  Time after time, we’ve connected with the stories of others in ways that have been a huge blessing to us and we pray have extended blessing to others as well.

Last week was no exception.

We had loaded our trailer with the “final load” to take over to long-term storage.  A few family heirloom furniture pieces, and several tubs of meaningful albums and pastoral resources I tell myself I’ll use again someday – was apparently more weight than pulling the hybrid camper we sold in 2018.  We made it about a half mile down the road before hearing “What’s that smell?”  Something electronic was burning.  (Having recently purchased cheap batteries from Amazon, I assumed one was faulty and started yelling for our confused daughter to throw her camera out the window!)  As the minivan began to fill with smoke, we realized it was probably a reason to pull over.img_0285

As it turns out, the rear air suspension compressor was running constantly and overheated.  There was simply too much weight in the trailer, and our van was saying “Nope.  Not gonna pull this.”  As we sat for a moment on the side of the road, there was nothing I could do personally.  Nana came to pick up the family, as it was freezing outside.  The next hour was filled with phone calls, where even those who couldn’t help out personally extended their prayers & encouragement.  Within the hour, we had help pulling the trailer to a safe location.  Within a few hours, we were back on the road with a volunteer pulling the trailer ahead of us. Sven (our minivan) may have over 260,000 miles, but there are plenty left!

Here’s an important thing to remember: Even if we’d been stranded on the side of the road, without anyone who could help us – God has been, is, and will be good/faithful.  He is with us when things run fine, or the van fills with smoke, or someone helps us in our need.

But altogether it was a great reminder in the midst of feeling unmoored in transition.  We are not on this journey alone.  We serve a God who is “Immanuel – God With Us”. We need not suffer alone.  We need not celebrate alone.  We also have a family that surrounds us and are surrounded by a great “cloud of witnesses” that have gone before us. Take a moment to be thankful for those you’re surrounded by & connected to. As you gather for worship this Sunday – look around & smile a big goofy thankful smile.

It was also a reminder: Whatever the Hungarian version of AAA is – we should probably sign up for it. 🙂

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