It’s the latest “trendy” thing – “Tidying Up” (thanks to Marie Kondo – and years of over-consumption as a culture).  Well shucks, call us trendy.  Because with our house on the market, and moving to Hungary – we’re definitely downsizing.  We took the first load to my brothers’ house earlier this month, and we’re thankful for his tidy-ness that allowed for empty space we could fill.  Living a life with margins is a great way to be a blessing to others, and a great motivation for “Tidying Up” our spaces, our schedules, etc. img_9807

Not filling every corner of our home, gives us more room to invite others into.  Not filling up every moment of our day, gives us more moments to invite God into (not just in prayer, but in offering Christian welcome to others…remember Matthew 25:40, and Mark 9:37?).  I’ll confess that I struggle with this at times.  I’m pretty good at getting up early to give God some of my silent time.  I’ll read some scripture, and spend some time in prayer, before doing other readings while the house is still quiet and the coffee is still warm.

But what about being open to changes in the middle of my day/evening routines?  What about seeing God in the act of loving those who “interrupt” the plans we have for our days?  Setting aside my desires/plans/efficiency/productivity, in order to be “radically preoccupied with the preciousness of others” seems to be the humble way Jesus transformed lives.  What if we did this, not only as individuals but as families?  As a church/community?

True: It may not always be possible.  If you’re a neurosurgeon on the way to emergency surgery, you probably shouldn’t stop to give someone a ride.  But let’s face it…most of us probably don’t have “perform emergency neuro-surgery” on our “to do” list. 🙂

How might we purposefully free up time this week, or take a purposeful pause – to remind ourselves we serve a higher Kingdom than our planners?

2 thoughts on “Stuff.

  1. Thanks for the reminder. This has been my prayer to look for ways to help others while I am shopping or going about every day activities. Thanks for all you do and will be doing


    1. Amen…it’s easier when I sit and think about it…can be more difficult in the moment. May God guide our lives by His Love in every moment. 🙂


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