Happy Christmas

We’re home in Decatur, on this weekend before Christmas.  We’re thankful for a few extra days to pause our pace and remember a God who left the comforts of His realm.  He came as baby Jesus in order that the transforming Love of the Trinity might take on flesh – inviting humanity to know and be known as never before.

Love becoming flesh.  Love becoming more than just words, revealing a God who is infinitely present.  We worship by becoming more aware of His presence – filling the world around us and dwelling in those we share life with.  We are invited to participate in such Love, as we bear the image of our creator.   May God bless you and your homes this week, and may you come to new understandings of this God who is Love – and how such love is “Immanuel – God With Us”.

Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, and prayers this past year.  If you still wanted to give before the end of 2018, or wanted a reminder of how to give as we begin 2019 – just click here!  We love hearing from you too, so feel free to respond anytime with comments, questions, or prayers of your own! Happy Christmas, and a blessed New Year to you and yours!!!

in Christ,

the Anderson Family – Chadwick, Sarah, Addie, Sophie, Ruby, & Phoebe <><

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