We’ve been using the “Pimsleur  Method” Hungarian CD’s, borrowed from our local library.  During the hours of driving we’ve had lately – very slowly, we’ve acquired a few words and phrases.  Just recently, I learned a phrase that I’m sure will be spoken many times, in both directions:

“Sajnálom, de nem értem.” (click to go hear it via Google translate)

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.”

An ornament from our visit to Győr.

It’s the phrase we first prayed in response to what God was stirring – over a year ago this past month.  It’s a phrase many of our friends and family may say, or at least be thinking, as they watch us sell our house and move overseas.  It’s a phrase many people will be saying to us in Hungary – as we stumble through communicating in their native tongue.  It’s a phrase we will respond with – when others assume we speak their language after hearing how amazingly we can use it to say “Hello”.

It’s a simple phrase.  But there are some ways we’re very excited to hear it spoken…

We’re so very excited to hear it said, by a young girl in a state-run orphanage who has trouble comprehending just how much Love the Father has for her.

Or by the young man who’s in Gyor to get his Engineering Degree for an occupation, only to learn the Father has invited Him to build for the Kingdom as a vocation.

Or by the elderly person who was raised in an economy that declares “You are worth what you contribute.”…who finally hears, “You are inherently precious to God.”

We don’t even know who all we will get to hear this phrase from, or utter this phrase with.  We will say it in celebration and wonder.  But we know – we will also likely pray it in confusion and suffering as we share life with others.

As we’ve begun the Advent season this year, we turn our response back to a God who has invited each of us to join his mission of revealing Divine Love to the world.  The God who became vulnerable and infantile wasn’t just communicating the extent of His Love – He was communicating the great lengths of Hope He has for humanity – empowered by His Spirit – to be a part of a Kingdom that brings New Life through such Love.

May we join Him, mysterious as it all continues to be…

(Ephesians 3:17-19)


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