Giving Tuesday

Confession: I didn’t know “Giving Tuesday” was a thing, until I received about 20 different e-mails from organizations all offering me an opportunity to give because of img_9260this annual event.  So I figured we should offer that same opportunity and reminder to our supporters, just in case you were looking for a way to invest your finances in something more meaningful than a Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Wacky Wednesday Deal. 🙂

Here are a few fast facts about our fundraising:

We received our first donations in June 2018.

We began speaking as official “Missionaries” in July 2018.

We have presented in over 16 congregations, and have over 250 newsletter subscribers.

We are currently about 41% funded – most of which has come from one-time gifts.  We are soooo thankful for these gifts, and now we are focusing on finding monthly supporters of any amount!

We have 17 regular givers pledged so far – 16 of which are monthly. (1 annually)

Only one of these is a church.

The lowest monthly amount is $10/month.  (See?  EVERY dollar counts!)

To meet our final goal of launching by April/May 2019, ALL we need to find is 88 people, families, groups, classes, or churches who would donate $50/month.

You can sign up to give monthly today, even if you don’t want to start until 2019!  We’d love any help, support, and prayers toward meeting our goal of joining the Kingdom work in Hungary as soon as possible!

Click here to join our team of regular givers today!

Share this post with your friends, family, church, and/or social media and stay tuned as we celebrate our progress to Hungary!!


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