How’s it going?

We get asked this often these days.  There are many things people are referring to: The process of selling our home, the balance of work & home, traveling to speak & share as often as we’re able to on weekends, and the big one – “Fundraising”. (or support raising, friend-raising, prayer raising, team building, etc…)  We thought it might be helpful to share an update publicly.

For those unfamiliar with the process (we were!), a Free Methodist missionary is responsible for raising 100% of the funds required for their family to serve.  Thankfully, we’ve made choices and shaped our home to live simply over the years. Even so – the budget for a family of 6 to live in Eastern Europe – including all travel, insurances, taxes, etc…ends up a lot higher than we imagined.  Still, God has shown us over and over again throughout our life – His resources are a lot larger than we can comprehend.  (Wheel of Fortune???  Adopting from Congo??)  img_8567We remind ourselves – we didn’t go hunting for an opportunity.  We truly believe God has stirred us in this direction, and so we continually offer Him the burden in prayer.  If you’re interested in giving, but want more specific financials – we’re definitely willing to share.  Just send us a message!

The encouragement and generosity we’ve received from churches have been awesome.  Allowing us to share the message of what God is up to – and our prayers toward the work we go to join have been a blessing.  It’s such a testimony to our children as we talk about “meeting members of our family for the first time”, and they experience the Christian hospitality of each community we travel to.  We miss our home church each week we’re gone, but are thankful for the privilege and experience of joining so many new members of our family!

Some of these churches have been able to give one-time offerings, and others are still praying about how God might be asking them to respond.  One of the greatest needs we have right now is individual sources of support and prayer – whether a person, a family, or a small group/class.  You might be reading this right now thinking “I plan to do something when the Anderson’s leave.”  You might be thinking, “I would contribute, but my contribution wouldn’t really put a dent in their amount.”  To both of these, we would invite you to seize this opportunity to give a one-time donation of any amount –  just to let us know you’re with us!  (Also – we’re unable to actually go until a certain amount has been raised….so it would be ironic if we delayed our launch because many people were waiting until we launched to support us!)

img_8566As we listed our home “For Sale by Owner” this week, the sun was rising and I thought of many of you.  You are that window through which the light of God’s love shines on our family.  We are so thankful for the warmth of that love and support, and the ways it enables us to carry that love and light out into/for the sake of others.  There are some things we’re unsure of in the days ahead, but we were reminded by Bob Goff as we read from “Everybody Always” recently, “Figure out the couple of things you’re sure about and put all your weight on those things.” (Goff, 2018)  We are sure of God’s Love, and we’re sure He has called us to carry that love out into the world.  Knowing this, we step forward on faith – and we’d be honored if you’d join us!  To join us as a prayer partner with or without a financial commitment – click here today!

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