A reminder from Solomon…

I had the opportunity to preach at our home church recently, & as always God found a way to speak to me even as I was praying to be used.  We talk about the wisdom of Solomon all the time, & sometimes we’re even in awe of his choice to ask for “a discerning mind”.  The preparation for preaching put me in the shoes of Solomon several times, in an attempt to understand the moment he was experiencing as God met him within a dream.  He’d been rushed through the process of being anointed King, while his brother Adonijah was throwing a huge feast in a declaration of his own Kingship.

He had watched his father for over 20 years, lead the people of God through conflict after conflict.  On his deathbed, King David urged Solomon – “walk in obedience” (1 Kings 2), and reminded him that the fulfillment of God’s promises to David, Solomon, and generations to come would depend on his obedience.  No pressure, right?img_8008

So I imagine the immense relief that washed over Solomon as he asked God to be the one to carry that burden.  Not only that but the joy that came from knowing his response was pleasing to God.  This young man, having grown up in the shadow of King David with at least 19 brothers, surely was often in a position of wanting the approval/affirmation of others, and in an instant, by asking for the peace of a discerning heart – he pleased God.

As we stand at this active precipice, making decisions on a daily basis that will impact where and how we live – it can feel heavy.  As we are excited about moving to Hungary and have so many thoughts, desires, and prayers for what God can do through us in our time there – it can feel heavy.  In the years to come, we will come to this place often – what do we need from God?  I pray we continue to remember – to use these moments to firstly place such burdens in his capable hands.  To ask God for a discerning heart and mind, and find ways how a family living from Love for His people brings pleasure to God.

None of us leads a nation (unless President Trump or Prime Minister Orban stumble upon this blog), but we guide our own life.  For many of us that also means guiding a home, a family, or caring for others who look to us.  Will we be humble enough, and honest enough to confess to God – we need wisdom beyond what our own capabilities might provide?  May such realization offer you peace today, even as you walk forward confidently releasing your kingdoms for the sake of His…

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