Where We’ve Been

Recently our local church has blessed us to go and speak/worship with other church families whenever possible, in order to share what God is doing and invite others to join our team for prayer & support.  Other established missionaries have shared with us they have at least 40 churches supporting them regularly, and so we’re still only beginning our journey of inviting others to consider joining our team.  If you’re interested in having us come to your church, or if you’re FAR and still want to join us – send us a message today!  We’d love to see how God might connect your local church or home to what is happening overseas!

It was great to worship with Knox Knolls Free Methodist Church in Springfield, IL!  They img_7180.jpghave a great ministry & worship happening in their services, and through incarnational ministry – literally living out the love of Jesus in the midst of their neighborhoods.  They’ve even pioneered a vision for guiding other churches to acquire property & purposefully live in ways that invite relationship and communicate the love of Jesus.  Pastor Tyler Boyer and his team of deacons were incredibly welcoming, and the people of Knox Knolls had many great questions as we presented our story in their Sunday School time.    As a church, they’ve  been transforming lives in the capital of Illinois for years and we pray that God would continue to shape them in His Love!

We also had the blessing of joining the New Life Free Methodist Church in Jerseyville, IL.  Grown from just a handful of people 3 years ago, they’re a church on the move with a growing vision for how God can use them for their community and the world!  It was a blessing to hear the testimonies during Sunday morning, from even the youngest kids 90b7f063-3464-49c1-8768-336b3d27109ewilling the grab the microphone.  Chadwick was able to preach the message that morning, and we shared how God is calling all His people to allow the love and life of Jesus to transform every aspect of our 24/7, and not just our church attendance & Sunday morning worship.  They hosted a great birthday/anniversary celebration for Pastor Drew Brandt & his wife, and even let us share in the festivities as we celebrated Addie’s 12th birthday!

As we drove away this past Sunday, even as we missed our home church in Decatur – we were thankful for these opportunities.  When we move to Hungary, our weekly worship experience will change in big ways.  It’s a great season of preparation, for our daughters and as a family to see the variety of ways God’s people are worshiping and gathering each week where they are.

It’s also a great reminder for us to be able to call our friends and family (& new friends!) to prayer.  Our service as “Missionaries” has definitely begun, as we travel to share what God is doing globally.  If you’re waiting to join us in prayer or support, we’d love to invite you to begin now!  Especially join us in prayer, that God would open hearts to hear from img_7562His Word and draw specific people, churches, and communities to respond to the call!  It still seems intimidatingly large, but here’s an encouraging illustration that shows how easy it could be – with God’s resources!!

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