Why Hungary?

NOTE: We will not fit everything we want to say into any post.  We have to realize that. 🙂

In 1990, Hungary regained religious freedom after many years of a Communist-enforced experience of “State-Church”.  As of a 2011 census, about 37% identify as Roman Catholic, 11.6% as Reformed (Calvinistic), and 2.2% Lutheran (source).

From a Free Methodist perspective?  Europe compared to other world areas, for many reasons, has not been a focus of Kingdom work internationally in the past.  You can see in this chart, there is 1 Free Methodist in Africa for every 2,559 people (population 1.2 billion!).  In contrast, there is one Free Methodist in Europe for every 227,161 people (population 741 million).  That is to point out – there’s plenty of opportunity for growth!img_6743

The ministries happening through the Free Methodist work in Hungary, have found great partners with the Lutheran church in Gyor, and we look forward to what God may yet have in store.  As we’ve written elsewhere on our website, there is still a noticeable impact from the many years of communist rule in Hungary.

As loving and gracious as Hungarians were to us during our visit, that does not always seem to be the case.  Years of distrust for neighbors has ingrained a sense of privacy and “closed-ness” to one another.   Church gatherings may often be checking off the list of “being a good citizen” (not too different from some in the US!), and often without involving children.

The years we’ve spent being shaped toward discipleship happening in the home, and Christian hospitality would be an exciting realm to promote & share with our new friends!  We would love our time in ministry to help develop leaders – not just pastors/church leaders, but mothers, fathers and grandparents who see their role in the glad work of faith development in our younger generations.

Aside from the focus on transformation of Hungarian homes, there will also be plenty of international opportunities as well!  There is a large population of University students, many of whom attend Szechenyi University. There are also many internationals who are in Gyor, working for large companies like AUDI. We were able to meet a few international residents when we visited back in February, and are excited about the possibility that while many of them are in Gyor for a few years – God may be able to use our time together to “send” them out into what God has for them globally with lives transformed by His Love!

All of this, and there are still many things we haven’t mentioned! The work in the orphanage, English groups, and things we may discover as we join what God has already begun!!

Maybe God is stirring your heart to join our team, either by committing to pray, a one-time donation, or even to give regularly. We’d love to invite you to join our team by clicking here today!

Take a moment to watch this video about some of the work that has happened in Hungary!

JULIA from Free Methodist World Missions on Vimeo.

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