How Did We Get Here? (Part 2)

If you haven’t read Part 1, go back and read that first.

In November of 2017 I was awakened by my husband telling me he had an email to read to me. (Side note here…. There was one other time that I remember my husband waking me up with a life changing email. That was when we first saw the picture of our youngest daughter and were asked to consider adopting her.) He read me an email saying that we were being asked to consider moving to Gyor, Hungary as missionaries. We were asked to not immediately say no, but to pray.

In all honesty, Chadwick and I looked at each other pretty much shook our heads. God had never previously placed a direct call for us to move towards missions. We were happy where we were! But, we prayed that morning and Chadwick asked God to make it obvious to us. He prayed, “God if this is what you want us to do, have our kids start speaking Hungarian.” THAT is how out of the blue this opportunity was and how far away we felt from this call. But, we gave it to Him and didn’t think about it much more that day.

A few days later, we decided that if we were going to take this request serious, we needed to know a little more about Gyor (which we can’t even actually spell on our keyboard without copying/pasting it everytime with the “ő”..sorry Győrians). Umm… how do we even pronounce that and where is it?!

We googled Gyor, Hungary and the pictures that came up were out of a storybook. It was IMG_5135a beautiful town with historic buildings and tiny little streets weaving in between them all. We were excited about the place we could potentially call home. At this point, we were still praying, but pretty sure the answer was going to be “no.” Even though the town seemed idyllic, this was not in our “ten year plan.”

We began to move forward in the process, much like the Schaeffers did, trusting in God step by step. We asked more questions, prayed, talked to the current missionaries and even visited Gyor. We kept feeling in this prayer, as though we needed to keep moving forward until there was a definite answer of “yes” or “no.”

It wasn’t until we got home from our trip in February of 2018 that I sat down and began to see all of the connections… all of the seemingly unimportant events that were directing us forward. I like to write; and during seasons that God is teaching me new/BIG things, I record it all! I went back and re-read what I had written, starting in April of 2017. God was connecting the dots for me and showing me how he had prepared us for this moment.

L’Abri- the Schaeffer family moved from St. Louis, IL with 3 young girls (their oldest, being our oldest daughters same age) to a post-communist country to offer a ministry of hospitality.

We were being called on a similar path.

Jerry and Jan Coleman being speakers at our family camp that summer. We later discovered they were missionaries in Gyor, Hungary.

I felt a connection to what they taught as the same things they were saying they had used for their ministry in Hungary, God was currently teaching me.

While we were in Gyor, the current missionary talked often of the problem of “closed hearts and closed homes” in Hungary. Hasn’t God been teaching us the importance of opening our home to open the hearts of those he wants to reach? Wasn’t one of the books that I had just read on Christian hospitality called “Open Heart, Open Home“?

We have been praying for years that God would use our family for his kingdom, and He has been. As we continued this prayer, He led us to this new calling.

A family on mission to show the love of God through our example of discipleship in the home, hospitality, leadership and biblical education… in Gyor, Hungary. Eventually we got to the point where we felt God was inviting us to say “yes” to this new adventure.

So, what now?

Now we begin the task of fundraising and planning to move.

How can you help?

PRAY. (sign up to be a prayer partner even if you cannot give!) There are many obstacles in the way and the enemy would like nothing more than to discourage us. Please pray for protection for our marriage, our kids and our relationships. Pray also for us as we move forward in fundraising to meet our goal.

GIVE. If you feel so led, please consider giving towards our fundraising goal. You can be a monthly supporter or give a one-time gift.  There are some who’d love to support us “When we go”, but we must be honest – we cannot leave until we have 6 months’ finances in the bank, and full commitment for the rest.  Having already paid for training and some supplied, our expenses have begun!

UPDATES. Sign up to receive our blog updates so that you know best how to pray for our family in our current season.

SHARE. Share our blog with others so that we can spread the news of what God is doing across the world.  Talk with your church or missions leader who might be able to help us come and speak at your church sometime soon!!  Thanks so much for connecting with us already!

Read Chadwick’s side of the story Here.

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